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KLIPit - The Beginning

John Glasscock Clips Fabrics KLIPit Quilt Binding Quilting

Welcome to the KLIPit blog!  First post with many more to come. Future posts will mostly be informative, instructional or just plain interesting as it relates to our KLIPit binding clips.  As we travel throughout the United States visiting with quilters from all over... one statement that has been made on more than one occasion is "I'll bet you have never quilted!".  It's TRUE :-D I have never quilted... but, I discovered only 19% of the professional football coaches have EVER played in a league!!  With that being said, much of what will be shared is not from personal experience, but by collaboration.  We market binding clips and we collaborate with quilters from all over the United States.   We will talk about how to use clips for binding, paper piecing, machine stitching (stitch in the ditch) and many other topics that will interest you.  We welcome your comments and feedback.  Thank you for visiting the KLIPit Blog!

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