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Learn About KLIPit Binding Clips

The KLIPit quilt binding clip is an exceptional product!  There are several features that make KLIPit stand out from other binding clips.

1. Size:  Our clips are larger and much easier to hold and squeeze.  They are great for 1/4" or 1/2"  bindings.  The inside of the clip mouth is 3/4" so that it can hold more fabric and won't slip off the binding at the corners.  It is designed for quilters that have hand and joint issues. Even severely impaired quilters have discovered that they can bind with a KLIPit after failing with other brands.

2. Shape: Our clips have a specially designed flat top on the mouth of the clip that angles down and doubles as a ruler with 1/2" and 1/4" seam markings so that you can measure your binding. The flat bottom of the clip incorporates the same 1/2" and 1/4" seam guides with the addition of a 3/8" seam guide that will help you adjust the clip so that you can use a zipper foot and easily stitch in the ditch without removing the binding clip.  We have a video on the Product Demo page that demonstrates this feature.

3. Strength: KLIPit binding clips have a fantastic reputation for being STRONG! The size and shape of the clip lend to easy grasp and squeeze when applying the clip to the binding. It's both strong and easy to use.  What a great combination! 


We offer a FREE sample KLIPit binding clip so that you can see and feel the AMAZING difference! Click or touch the picture of the clip below to get your FREE sample.  

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